Sugar Shock

Yesterday was our annual Cookie Bake. It has been 16 years since we started this tradition. My family really likes to bake cookies. Our grandparents made lots of cookies and candy during the holidays, and other times of year as well.

So we gather on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to share this tradition with the next generations.

The youngest kids do the decorating, although some of the older generations participate. Dave’s sister made up a really large batch of icing and the kids colored it.

She also brought a load of sprinkles.

Most of these ended up on just a few cookies. At one point there was a contest. The theme seemed to be More is Better.

Here are a few of the simpler ones.

Here are some that were in the competition. The prize was… a cookie!

Meanwhile, the older family members were working away in the kitchen on various batches of dough they’d brought to try out this year. One was chocolate chipotle.

(photo stolen from Ed)

So we’re off to a good start for the holiday season. As you can guess it’s not so much about the cookies as the chance to be together doing something we enjoy.