How I Spent My Day

The plan was to spend my day transcribing an interview for my next article in Edible SB, but then a younger friend called and asked me to teach her how to make a fondant-covered cake, like the ones she has seen on the Food Network.

So she came over and we baked up a couple of layers for a small cake. Saraphina arrived home from her first day of school in time to help us knead pink food coloring into the fondant.

Then they made invitations to a cake and tea party to celebrate Saraphina’s first day of school.

Saraphina chose orange for the frosting which Aliyah piped onto the cake (her first time piping frosting… obviously she’s a natural).

The pink pearls were pressed onto the cake by both girls. Then we made lime leaf sun tea with honey and a little sugar.
So there you have it. A pink princess cake and two happy girls.

I can transcribe tomorrow.

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  1. This is SO Beautiful Nancy–when I saw this I hadn’t had breakfast yet, no fair!

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