Torch Flambé

I test and edit the recipes for Edible Santa Barbara Magazine. This week I made some wonderful ginger creme brulées. I saved a few to take to movie night with our friends Anne and John. I figured we’d test the broiler method (instead of a torch) for caramelizing the sugar.

But when we arrived John said, “I have a torch!” He went outside to search and came back with hardware store style propane torch. We lit it and Dave began to heat the sugar on the top of one of the servings. Anne grabbed her camera to photograph the caramelizing process.

No, this is not our standard caramelizing process. Normally the flame comes from the torch tip. While Dave calmly blew out the flames, the rest of us looked on in horror. Anne just happened to snap her photo as the flame shot toward the ceiling, then she put down the camera in shock.

We decided maybe we should use the broiler method and John should retire this particular torch.