A Few Sunday Market Tips

I like the Sunday farmers market because parking is easier and I get what I need  quickly. I also have more opportunity to talk with the vendors and discover things I might have missed otherwise.

For example did you know that DeyDey’s Best Beef Ever runs their trucks on vegetable grease fuel? They are happy to take donations of used cooking oil. Just pour your cooled  oil into an empty container and take it their booth at the Sunday market!

Yesterday we dropped off two quarts. We also stopped at the Healing Grounds Nursery booth to give Oscar Carmona a collection of pots we had saved from plants that we’d bought and planted.

Instead of recycling them, Oscar will re-use them. Plus we got a chance to visit with Oscar, whose knowledge about what to plant when and where always gives my vegetable garden a good head start.

He can also get you started composting with worms.

Talk about recycling! Worms make quick work of transforming our kitchen cuttings into nutritionally rich aerated soil. Oscar has the worms available in the blue bin, fresh from his compost beds.

My other recent discovery is the soap at the Joëlle Olive Oil booth. It’s pure Castille soap (made with olive oil… originally from Castille, Spain) that lathers well and comes in a variety of fragrances as well as fragrance-free. I bought myself a Ginger Lime soap and gave several others as Mother’s Day gifts. It’s a hard soap that will last longer than softer soaps and has an elegant beveled edge.

If you haven’t been to the Sunday market, it’s definitely worth a morning walk.