Petite and Large Mousses

This is a Chocolate Whiskey Mousse Cake baked in a dome-shaped mold. A black ganache is poured over the top and flows down the sides as it freezes to the mousse. Then we decorated it with lattice piped chocolate pieces and sugared hazelnuts. This photo doesn’t show the shine, but it was beautiful!

Here is the tray of delightful mousse cakes I brought home to Shaun and Kris. After 6 hours in the car they didn’t look quite this good, but they were still good enough to inspire them to want them for their wedding.

Here we have a Lemon Blackberry Mousse Cake. It has a purple wave design cake wall and a frozen blackberry insert in the center of the lemon mousse. The insert defrosts with the mousse and adds a highlight of blackberry to each bite. We made the gold-starred chocolate wafers on a transfer sheet. Simple and delicious.

This Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake has a insert of frozen raspberry in the center of the white chocolate mousse. The cake wall is made on a relief mat using a colored decorating paste and then a cake layer over that.

Off to the right you can see the Chocolate Mint Mousse Cake that we sprayed with chocolate. This cake has a creamy frozen mint insert at the center.