Chocolate Mint Mousse

I love this photo. It totally captures the spirit of our week. Vivien is taking a turn at using the paint sprayer to spray a velvety chocolate coating on the Chocolate Mint Mousse Cake and Cakelets.

This is a standard paint sprayer from the hardware store. Brian assured us that it had never been used for paint. When I asked if there was a specific type of sprayer we should ask for, he suggested that it should have “Power” somewhere in the name. This one did… standing less than two feet away from your target could blow it right off the pan. Well, at least it felt that powerful.

Somehow I didn’t get a close-up of our finished mousse cake, but here are some little volcanic petit fours molded from the same mousse and power sprayed while frozen. That’s a candied hazelnut glued to the top with chocolate and a square of that delicious pastry we used for the strawberry tarts on the bottom.