Which Came First, the Chickens or the Eggs?

In our case it was the eggs.

Dare 2 Dream Farms sells eggs at the Isla Vista Co-op. These rich orange-yolked eggs have a sweetness that takes breakfast to a new dimension. It’s best to go to the Co-op on Tuesday when the eggs are delivered. Later in the week you might be disappointed. They sell out quickly. You can also find them at New Frontiers in Solvang and San Luis Obispo.

Dave bought this carton of eggs on Tuesday. I love opening the box to see the variety of eggs. Sometimes there are deep rust-colored eggs. Often there are blue eggs in the mix. Some are speckled, some are not. Some are small and some are large.

My son Shaun’s chickens each lay a unique signature egg. Two lay blue eggs and two lay brown but the shades of blue and brown are different. (After tasting farm-fresh eggs Shaun decided to build a coop and buy some chicks.)

Megan at Dare 2 Dream answered many questions for Shaun as he raised his first chickens (such as do you think this is a rooster?). Dare 2 Dream sells chickens and coops for those who want to raise their own chickens. Two of our chickens came from Dare 2 Dream Farms.

So when Gerri French announced a Santa Barbara Food and Farm Adventures meetup at Dare 2 Dream, I signed up immediately.

I took Saraphina along to see if we could find Frieda’s and Georgia’s mommy.

Nope, that’s not their mommy.

This one?¬† No…

There are a LOT of chickens at Dare 2 Dream. Just about everywhere you look.

These chickens produce real pasture-raised cage-free eggs. (Note there are chickens crossing the road…)

It’s easy to see why their eggs taste so good.

This is a chicken paradise with plenty of fresh grass, worms, and bugs to eat.

We headed up the road to the chicken house with our friend Shyama.

The chicken house is where the young chicks live until they are big enough to forage outside. For our baby chicks, it was a large box in Shaun’s music room with a light to keep them warm. That worked until they started flying around the room and hanging out on his music stand.

This was much more spacious, but Saraphina said it was “a little stinky.”

Back outside there were chickens on the road, in the grass, and in the bushes. Saraphina said, “I think maybe we can’t find the mama.” I agreed. There were a lot of mama chickens around us.

We liked this one.

 After visiting the farm, we are even more enthusiastic about Dare 2 Dream eggs than we were before. Could that be possible?