Chocolate Chipotle Cake

This is the actual wedding cake. As a result of its popularity, there are no photos of the taster cakes.

The chipotle is in the cake batter. The filling is vanilla bean and cinnamon-flavored chocolate ganache.

The coating is a pourable chocolate ganache. I was having a difficult time getting it to the consistency I wanted for pouring AND setting, so this one can never be re-created exactly. It’s a mixture of several batches of different recipes… good thing I knew what I was doing.

The top is bordered with shaved chocolate curls, then decorated with marigold petals and chocolate nibs. There is a Day of the Dead bridal couple at the center, which Dave didn’t get into the photo… a warning that this cake is not meant for the faint of heart. It begins as a smoky tingle of heat on your second bite, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from finishing it.

Good with beer or a dark red wine. There aren’t many wedding cakes you say that about!