Lavender Mousse Cakes

This is how the final lavender rose mousse cakes looked on the plates we used to serve them at the wedding. No meltdowns.

Unfortunately you can’t see the flecks of real edible gold that Jessie applied carefully with a paint brush to each crystalized rose petal.

Kathy and Barbara helped me pipe the white chocolate decorations, which Barb placed carefully onto the cakes. Sharon and Kathy placed the crystalized rose petal and lavender buds on top before Jessie applied the gold flakes. I ran back and forth to the freezer exchanging finished mousse cakes for unfinished ones.

The next morning Michelann (the younger) and David came bright and early to help put the final decorations on the chocolate chipotle and lemoncello rosemary mousse cakes. JP (Evan) had the magical touch with the piped chocolate decorations so he put those on the lemoncello cakes. He must have inherited his mom’s patient decorating skills. David and I pulled flower petals off the marigolds and Michelann sliced strawberries. It all came together in record time thanks to all their help.